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DBK Glass Creations in Old Colorado City

October 12, 2012 Simon

DBK Glass Creations started in business when the Dylan Kelley bought a kit in 2002 from a friend for $200 and started blowing glass. He used to work at Van Briggle Pottery so has always been an artist, but just became better and better at glass blowing. By 2004 he was supplying wholesale to shops around town. Together with his wife Merry, they produced a catalog in and took the leap to opening a store. The first store was Kelley Glass Studio, an art gallery with Dylan’s glass blowing studio in the back with a viewing window for customers. Merry felt Colorado was still working on its reputation as an art destination so in 2009 they closed their Manitou location and decided to focus on selling glass pipes retail. They opened DBK Glass Creations in Old Colorado City in their current location, on West Colorado Avenue and have ridden the seasonal highs and lows. They have seen the fires affect the retail business this summer but the wholesale continues to do great. Through the Business of Art center in Manitou, where Dylan’s studio is currently, he hopes to soon offer glass blowing classes. He hope to raise his profile to a national level in 2013 and become more well known for his artistic glass pipes.

Merry takes care of the day to day business stuff, and he blows glass to produce products for Merry to sell in the store. Their main focus is glass pipes. Since they moved from Manitou to Old Colorado City Merry says business has been better, “Manitou was more people walking around for entertainment value, as opposed to actually shopping. In Old Colorado City, people come to buy”. The west side is relaxed and laid back, and there’s a community of people looking for the blown glass pipes and products they sell.

Their business is mainly retail in their west Colorado Avenue Store and wholesale glass to different shops around shops around the state. Also Custom made orders. Merry says he’ll make anything you can imagine out of glass including wedding cake toppers or bespoke items. They are also able to repair glass items, broken wedding glasses, broken glass pipes or cakes toppers with great sentimental value. In fact the can repair most anything made of Pyrex, but mainly repair pipes. Consignment items from local artists on a 60-40 split.

DBK Creations mainly sells locally produced glass and art. Many of the store in town sell glass manufactured China and India in very poor conditions for the workers. Merry says, “That’s on one of my husband and I’s biggest issues, so we’ve been trying to gather people to start a movement against the glass from overseas. They have small children working in poor conditions without ventilation, or the right safety precautions; all for pennies a day.”  A mark up from $0.25 to $25 is not uncommon. Local artists will always find it hard to compete with foreign imports, but Merry and her husband are trying to educate people on the quality of their locally produced glass products. “It may cost a little more, but you’re supporting a local artist, getting a better product made with care, and those who made it were take care of and paid a fair amount for their work.”

There is work from about 15 glass blowers on display as well as many other hemp artists and yarn artists. Which brings me to the give away! I had a good reason to visit DBK. Products they have from one of the artists they have on consignment is my sister in law Kristen McClellan!  Kristen has agreed to give a hemp necklace to to give away! One person will be selected randomly from the list of people who have liked the Facebook page for So if you haven’t liked it yet, go do it now, and check back next week to see if you won!

here’s how to find more information on DBK Glass Creations

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