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Rocky Mountain Cowgirl Company in Old Colorado City

September 2, 2012 Simon


Rocky mountain Cowgirl is leaving Old Colorado City for a new location in Downtown Colorado Springs

Rocky Mountain Cowgirl Company in , formally Urban Cowgirl, is a store just for women. A refuge in the male dominated world of the cowboy. Although catering to the wannabe cowgirl, you fellas just might find this is a most comfortable place to cool your heels for a while!

Laura Prathers, co-owner of Rocky Mountain Cowgirl, grew up in the Rockies where the Rodeo felt like home. She never had the chance to be a real cowgirl, so she opened the store to provide a place for women who, like her, appreciate the look and feel of the cowgirl scene, but not overly so. “Our boot selection by far is the best. We sell tons of boots”, Laura also said if they don’t have it, they’ll look for you until they do. They also strive to stock items that are unique to the area. The selection appeals to Moms and daughters. Teenage girls into the western look, love the denim and shirts. Moms like the high end jewelery, hand made leather bags, and the hair on hide purses that are locally made by an internationally renown designer.

Number one request from customers is for mens items, and while there are a few items added to the inventory from time to time, it’s not the focus of Rocky Mountain Cowgirl. Guys don’t have to wait outside, there is one item that is specifically for them, “the Man Chair”. A comfortable armchair right next to the dressing room, for a guy to take a couple of minutes break from the endless Old Colorado City, boutique store crawl. Additional space for beer and cigars is being considered!

Laura started touring markets with products made by local artists, and selling them across the state. This evolved into Rocky Mountain Cowgirl, with the help of her parents who co-own the store. There is on ongoing art exhibition on the walls, all produced by artists who live in Rocky Mountains. A new outlet for the high end, handmade products is planned for the future. Aspen Lasso, the new branch of Rocky Mountain Cowgirl Co, will target local resort towns such as Breckenridge, Aspen and other popular resort towns.

Rocky Mountain Cowgirl and Westside Focus share a common goal, we both hope to see Old Colorado City grow, flourish and thrive. They decided to open on the west side because they liked the feel and the history. The area was in a period of revival and they wanted to be a part of that. They liked the idea that they would be one of the locals, taking pride in their town and wanted to help make it known as a really cool place to go.

So remember guys, this isn’t a store for you, but there is a very comfortable chair and lots of great merchandise to keep her entertained. Who knows, maybe beer and cigars will be available when you stop by!

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