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The Golden Light Healing Center on West Colorado Avenue

July 20, 2012 Simon


The Golden Light Healing Center on West Colorado Avenue is a holistic center, focused on the healing properties of alternative products and healing practices. Silvana, a licensed acupuncturist and owner, believes in supporting local artisans, with many local products on display for sale including dream catchers, soaps aromatherapy products and artwork. She was drawn to the healing energy of the west side, surrounded by the natural beauty and rich cultural history.

While we chatted inside, Mike mans his masseuse chair on the sidewalk, ready and available to relive your pent up stress in just ten minutes. Mike’s massages are just one of the available services at the Golden Light Healing Center. Silvana is hoping to soon also have a Reiki practitioner and Chiropractor on staff. Also available are homeopathy products, bock flower remedies and healing and music. Locally sourced products include goats milk soap and lotions from a dairy farm in Hanover and Soap Man Dan’s glycerin soaps. If you believe in the healing power of crystals, gem therapy is available. Gem elixirs, made of small pieces of the rock mixed with pure water, are left to overnight to absorb the healing properties, before being taken to cure all manner of ills.

To the sceptics, Silvana says “you’ve got to try it!” A process called muscle testing is her sure fire way to make a believer out of you. She says it’s so effective it sometimes scares people away. The process, also called applied kinesology, involves letting your body make the decision for you. As we talk about the process, a woman enters the store seeking a remedy for her persistent fevers, giving Sivana an opportunity to demonstrate. Silvana has the woman hold her arms out to the sides and begins testing different remedies. As each is tested, she applies pressure to her arms, and each time her arm is easily pushed down. This process is repeated until, with no apparent additional effort, the customer is able to easily resist. This then becomes the remedy her sub-conscious self has chosen.

Silvana has taken a journey in her faith through different mainstream religions and intermixed what she has learned with other methods of energy healing. This has given her a broad appreciation for the diverse cultural benefits of faith and energy based healing. She is careful to not offend anyone’s beliefs and tries to stay within the comfort levels of her customer’s beliefs. She also stresses that you don’t have to believe what she believes to benefit from her skills.

Mike is a natural born masseuse and say he’s been massaging people since forever. He’s always had positive feedback from friends and family, who would tell him he should be getting paid to do this. Mike says he really enjoys being able to help people in body and mind. He has an unusual aim in his massage career, to massage racehorses. I suppose it make perfect sense when you think about it. Most athletes need massage after working out, so why would a racehorse be any different. Certainly when the stakes are high, I imagine an owner will explore any avenue to gain a competitive advantage.

These days we put our faith in pills and potions prescribed to us from the medical profession without a moments though, But now we’re seeing drug resistant disease and the soaring costs of health care. The healthcare available at The Golden Light Healing Center is based on centuries old beliefs and could well provide relief from an ailment you’ve been long suffering from, so why not take Silvana’s advice, and give it a try!


Golden Light Healing Center

2423 1/2 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904


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