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A Call to Life - Women's Clothing Boutique and Art on West Colorado Avenue

June 4, 2012 Simon


A Call To Life has closed it’s doors. This location is now occupied by The Vinery and The Sweet Elephant


When shopping for , do you focus on locally made items, community and sustainability? At A Call to Life, on West Colorado Avenue in , you can. You can do all three while simply browsing chic clothing with an emphasis on comfort and a “style to inspire”.

Laura Teeters, the owner of A Call to Life, describes her store as a woman’s clothing boutique, with a large focus on locally made and U.S. made items. Building strong ties with the community allows Laura to source recycled and organic products, to keep money in the local economy and to further the success of other local . A Call to life is stocked with an eclectic mix of clothing and art. Currently an exhibition of “Fine Art & Industrial Art Photography” is on display, titled “Against the Machine by Stacy Gongol.

The upward trend of the Westside, drew Laura to back to her roots. The strong sense of community and a return to where her parents once lived influenced her decision to open a A Call To Life in Old Colorado city in 2010. When you step into the store, you can see the window displays and arrangements have an artistic flair, that had to be designed by a right brained person. Sure enough, Laura says her biggest challenge running the business is all the left brained stuff. Finding the right people to help, has ensured her business is doing well. She enjoys the flexibility and freedom of being her own boss, and has big plans, and even bigger dreams, for the future of A Call to Life. Expansion is high on both lists.

Laura isn’t just the owner of A Call to Life, she is also on the Board of the Old Colorado City Association. Local businesses are collaborating to support each other to make the west side a better place to work, play and shop! So if you could, would you do something positive for the community in which you live and help the economy around you? Purchasing a locally produced item will do all that and more. When our local community prospers, we all win. When you buy something that didn’t need to be transported great distances, you are reducing pollution and traffic too on a national and global scale. And we’re not even going to go into the superior quality and variety, of locally made versus mass produced. If you want to see that, head over to A Call to Life and see for yourself!

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